Rest In Peace Antiq

Baby boy shot in head and killed in New York City (via Raw Story )

A 14-month-old baby boy was shot in the head and killed in Brooklyn, NY Sunday night as his parents looked on in horror. According to the Washington Post, Antiq Hennis was shot from a passing car as his parents crossed a street pushing his stroller…

Sometimes I really hate people.

My visceral reaction is this: Who the hell shoots at someone with a baby in a stroller? Even if you want revenge on the guy, enough to want to kill him, that’s just all kinds of wrong. You wait till he’s alone–if it’s that necessary to kill him.

Taking a step back, I realize that violence of this nature goes deeper than most people consider.

There are a lot of factors that need to be examined.

I don’t know where to begin. I do know that somehow I want to be part of creating a world where innocent children don’t die violently.

I suppose it begins with tackling the reality of the prejudices that keep certain people locked into a life lacking opportunity, where violence is common.

When something like this happens, we need to realize that we are all, in a way, responsible.

This is not a crime of passion or an act of violence committed by a twisted serial killer. It is a crime which, at its root, is caused by inequality.



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