ASPARTAME: Nothing more than feces

M’kay…always thought the stuff was nasty, but reading how it is made and the number of diseases it might spark confirms it.


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2 thoughts on “ASPARTAME: Nothing more than feces

  1. Aspartame, like Monosodium Glutamate, is a neurotoxin. I don’t know as much about aspartame as I do about MSG, but I know it’s not good stuff. MSG has no flavor of its own; it works on a neural level to make certain tastes seem stronger. In my case it can bring on asthma attacks and diarrhea.
    Splenda is also bad. They say it’s made from sugar so it tastes like sugar. Apparently it has only one molecule in common with sugar. Some people say it raises their blood pressure. I don’t know if it does mine, but like MSG, it gives me the trots.
    For me, aspartame seems to have a similar effect to Benadryl in terms of mood. It makes me snappy and anxious. I prefer to avoid it.

    • Yes–MSG is nasty stuff! My mom and two uncles are allergic to it (one gets headaches, one gets the trots, one gets both). All that fake stuff frightens me now. I used to try it back in the day, thinking “Oh, here’s something that will help me not eat too much sugar.” Right. After the oh so not like real sugar taste and pain in the kidneys from drinking beverages with artificial sweeteners, I stay away.

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