Aziz Ansari Almost Gets It

George Takei caused me similar disappointment. He’s wonderful about standing up against racism and homophobia, but he has no qualms about making cheap fat jokes.

Dances With Fat

Reality and PerceptionAziz Ansari is a comic whose work I really like.  I’ve seen him do stand-up and act on Parks and Recreation and I’m a fan of his.

I am a fan of stand-up comedy in general.  I’ve even done a little myself and though I’m certainly not great at it, I’m thinking about getting better and doing more because I think that comedy can be a place for social justice work, a place to talk about difficult things when people’s defenses are down, and I think that helping people laugh – whether it’s to get a point across or just helping them find the funny for a little while –  is a worthy pursuit.  Because of all that, I have a much wider berth for what is ok in comedy than I would for regular conversations. I’m still not a fan of getting cheap laughs by playing off stereotypes for…

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