A Purpose for September

A thousand years ago when I was a little girl, September marked the start of that horror show called school. It seemed also that summer put away its swimming costume, floppy hat, and flip flops and pulled out the gloves and leaf rake; September used to jump start fall and little more.

My evening news shared the new purpose for the month of September : Childhood Obesity Awareness Month. There is a whole website dedicated to it.

What got me in the news report was a comment about how parents should have a conversation with their child who may be obese or who may be headed toward obesity.

As someone who has never been thin, I get it. We don’t want to harm the delicate child psyche by snatching fattening foods from our child’s hand, we never want to call him/her inappropriate names.

But last I checked, it’s usually the grown folk who are paying for groceries. Is it harmful to say “No” to constant requests for salty snacks or confectionery treats? Who runs the house?

Of course it can be much more complex. Adults must be diligent in attending to their child’s health and so on. Childhood obesity is not only the result of overeating but it is something to which we must attend, particularly with the use of NGOs, strange preservatives, and unpronouncable fillers.

And ounce of prevention may mean a whole lot more now.


4 thoughts on “A Purpose for September

  1. The trouble with the whole “war on obesity” is that people are generally blamed for their physique, marked as “lazy” and “gluttons” and the like. With heavy children, it is almost as if bullying them is encouraged because it will push them to losing weight. Even if the heavy kid is just as active as his/her thinner classmates, they are still pushed to lose weight.
    The Health At Every Size approach encourages adopting healthier habits without any emphasis on changing one’s body type. I really wish more of these so called health professionals would look into it. However, I think many of them are brainwashed (or receiving compensation from) the multi-billion dollar diet industry.
    Without a doubt, there is far too much heavily processed food laden with questionable substances. However, the current tactic, which is to blame heavy people for their body types, will never resolve this.

    • Very true! The bullying of heavy children is sick. The news report included all sorts of video, with adults and children identified as heavy (from the neck down) which perpetuates the stereotype.
      No one considers the consequences of pushing people in this way…

      • Just to clarify, you’re absolutely spot-on about the Franken-foods. There again, people like to blame the parents (and the children themselves) rather than tackling the larger problem: the food industry itself, which really doesn’t give a sparrow’s fart in a category 5 hurricane about people. If they did, they would have stopped selling these chemical-laden atrocities years ago.

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