IDEA Fitness Gives Horrible Advice

I can’t say I’ve gotten to a point where I completely love my body, but then again, I also hated my body when I was a practicing bulimic teenager who at times was definitely underweight for my height. However, having been all over the weight spectrum, I can say that I really don’t feel or operate differently in general as a fat person. I’m nearly fifty, so I have a bit more wear and tear than I did when I was 25. Other than that, I probably move better now than I did when I was in my early 40’s because I found an exercise routine that works with my fibromyalgia and joint problems (which I also had when I was thin.)
The biggest problem I face as a fat person is the realization that I live in a stigmatized body, and the messages I get every day that I should hate my body.
The fitness industry needs a big overhaul in the way it treats larger people. Society in general needs a big overhaul in the way it treats larger people.

Dances With Fat

I am on the mailing list for the IDEA Health and Fitness newsletter.  I think that I got signed up automatically when I renewed by fitness pro certification but I don’t really know. Usually their stuff is just low-level annoying but today’s subject line read “Obese Clients:  Are you Meeting Their Real Needs?”  Covering my eyes with my hand and peering through my fingers I clicked on the link.  (TW – the quotes from the article, which may be triggering for all the reasons you might imagine – are indented.)

It started with a thud

We talked to obese (and formerly obese) consumers—and the fitness pros who work with them—to find out how they feel, what they think of the fitness industry and how we can better help them become healthy and vibrant.

Maybe let’s not start by assuming that fat people are not healthy and vibrant when they walk…

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