Clean and Jerk —

Ugh. I’m saddened to hear that Holley Mangold made this choice. She was clearly a healthy person with a big physique. Dieting screws up your metabolism for life (take it from someone who yo-you dieted from the time they were in their teens until they were in their mid forties.) Diet foods are often unhealthy and taste like a cardboard box. (Special K, anyone?)
At least Special K didn’t screw up my digestion. I can’t say that about Slim Fast. I’m not the only one who has had this experience.
I have a co-worker who ranges from average weight to a teeny bit plump. He’s been trying to lose weight for years, and it always comes back in spite of the fact that he exercises diligently.
This fellow tried Slim Fast five years ago. To this day, he still has to take medication for IBS. He never had this problem before the Slim Fast routine.
I agree with Atchka that the decisions of both Carrie Fisher and Holley Mangold are based on internalized fat hatred. We are told from day one that being fat is THE WORST THING EVER. Nobody stops to look at overall health.
Shaming people for lack of health doesn’t work either. But the Great Satan that is the multi-billion dollar diet industry doesn’t care. They want people to stay on the merry-go-round, trying diet after diet that doesn’t work, and hating themselves for who they are. They certainly couldn’t shill their shit to people who loved themselves.

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Trigger warning: All about weight loss.

There’s nothing quite as heartbreaking as watching an outspoken advocate for self-acceptance and body love make a complete 180 degree turn and begin promoting the status quo of “Get thin quick!” and “Get your new body now!” It feels like the ultimate betrayal, an abandonment of what once seemed an integral part of that person’s core strength and conviction. How can a person love themselves unconditionally and express such unwavering self-confidence one day, only to turn around and speak Dietese the next?

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