Tell Me Again Why We Don’t Need Feminism: The Huffington Post

This is a comment I made on a Huffington Post article which started out featuring a quote from Meghan McCain, the daughter of Senator John McCain, and for reasons unknown, devolved into a fashion show. Because, you know, women and their pretty frocks. A woman’s sole purpose, in the eyes of the general public, is still to be eye candy, a good little girl who looks pretty and obeys the orders of the menfolk; or a bad girl to excite and arouse the menfolk. A woman is not supposed to be a human being with opinions and ideas that might contradict what the menfolk are saying.

Just look at the sidebar to see more about what a woman’s place in society is supposed to be. It’s all about being eye candy.

My comment on the article:

Am I the only one who finds it discouraging that this piece ends with the “style evolution of Meghan McCain?” Rather than take this young woman seriously as a political pundit who might have something to say, it all boils down to “what was she wearing?” I guess it’s a step above “Meghan McCain looking hot in a slinky ensemble” or other such twaddle. However, I doubt anyone would ever have thought to put together a slide show featuring the “style evolution of John McCain.”

That’s my two (feminist) cents.

Waiting for the Hate Brigade to tell me how I’m a man-hating Feminazi who is trying to bring about the downfall of the family and of civilization as we know it.



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