Designing the Doll: bikini, figure and body-building

As a fat, middle-aged woman who struggled with bulimia for many years and the never ending cycle of yo-yo dieting for many more, I am grateful for this post. I have chronic pain issues and I cannot train obsessively the way I did when I was in my twenties. I would often be at the gym for five hours at a time, neglecting my family, all in pursuit of the “perfect body.” I never achieved it.
Now I don’t get on scales. I work out in the pool because it works with my body as it is rather than causing worse damage to an already compromised spine.
When people say that they want others to lose weight “for their health,” it’s bullshit. Rather, they want everyone to look like a glossy magazine image.



The real living dolls.

Not so long ago, female bodybuilding and competing was the preserve of a minority. Then the Bikini category was added, and aided by the explosion of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, blogs.. previous elitist language such as ‘eating clean’, ‘carb depletion’ have become social media favourites. It seems every other bikini-clad twenty-something on Facebook and Twitter will speak of protein shakes, clean-eating, getting ripped and its spiritually uplifting effects. Partnered with pseudo-psychology (you know I love it) and motivational quotes, women are told they must push harder, the non-believers are jealous haters, and you must never be happy with the body you are given.

A size 8 body is not good enough. The body must show signs of work, of being trained. There are no excuses! The natural size 8 body is guilty of having ‘skinny fat’. The female body in its natural state is not good…

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