Why I Forgive Holley Mangold

I forgive Holley. I also forgive Jennifer Hudson, Carrie Fisher, Kirstie Alley, and anyone else who has ever succumbed to the pressure to attempt to achieve the socially acceptable body type at any cost.
The truth is, and I may catch some fire for this, if I found a way to magically make myself have a socially acceptable body, I would.
To this day I look in the mirror and loathe what I see, though I try not to. To this day, I sometimes consider having weight loss surgery, even though I know that many times it turns out bad. To this day, I believe myself to be unlovable as I am, and I believe that I always will be unlovable unless I’m able to be thin.
Of course, I also thought this when I weighed 130 pounds…when I weighed 120 pounds…when I weighed 110 pounds.
Body hate is so conditioned in modern society that even being an award winning Olympic athlete can’t stop it.
I’m really sorry that Holley got sucked into The Biggest Dickweed, of all things. I hope she learns that she doesn’t have to be thin to be a winner. It may be a long, hard road for her.

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Trigger warning: Discussion of the desire to be thin and what it takes to get there.

A few things happened over the last couple of weeks that have me thinking about Body Acceptance even more than I usually do. Which is a lot.

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