#322 & #323 “My friend group has a case of the Creepy Dude. How do we clear that up?”

We as women are generally taught from day one to be sweet and polite, to not raise our voices or hurt anyone’s feelings. The Creeper’s feelings are given higher worth than the feelings of the women who have to suffer his creepiness. This is how society as a whole treats women. Our feelings and our very worth tend to be minimized.
What these creepy men are doing is not okay, and the fact that the boyfriends of the women who wrote these letters try to pass these guys’ behavior off as harmless is rape culture in action. They too have been trained from day one that women’s thoughts and feelings are worth less than men’s.

Captain Awkward

Here is Letter #322. It and the other letter are below the jump because it’s fucking creepy in there.

Edited to Add: It’s frankly depressing that this post has struck a chord with so many people, but I’m grateful and honored to be able to help the letter writers and to have given voice to what so many people were feeling. Unfortunately the demands of moderating this discussion have become overwhelming this week, so as of Monday, August 13th comments are locked. We’ll pick up this discussion some other time. Thank you for all of your insightful contributions and for making this one of the best commentspaces on the Web.</EDIT>

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