Guest Post: What It’s Like In A Mental Hospital

Your experience and my second cousin’s (my cousin’s son) experience were very different than was my cousin’s experience. She’s now 48 years old. Thirty-two years ago, she ended up on a mental ward for a weekend after taking pills and cutting her wrists. For the most part she was treated like a pariah and a person of below average intelligence. One nurse told her that she was a freak and would always be a freak. The psychiatrist diagnosed her as a “hysterical neurotic.” There was only one nurse who talked to her as if she was a human being. She has since mistrusted people in the mental health profession and is very leery of getting counseling.
I truly hope that overall conditions in mental health treatment continue to improve. Having services that were more affordable would be one step in the right direction. Admissibly, these days all medical care tends to be cost-prohibitive.

Captain Awkward

This is a guest post by Ozy Frantz about recent personal experience in a mental hospital for severe depression after a suicide attempt. If you have trouble reading about those topics, the cut it’s behind is for you.


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