Bully Apologizing Sucks

I grew up with a lot of victim blaming and bully apologism. I actually only weighed 110 pounds when I was being called “fat,” and it led to my having a lifelong eating disorder. I’ve always had big hips and thighs compared to the rest of my body. I was also bullied for being awkward and shy and having to wear that horrific Martian headgear to try and correct my gappy, buck teeth.
There was a point in my life where I had such severe strep throat that I ended up being home from school for three weeks, unable to utter a sound. I learned to talk with my hands. Thereafter, until I got into Junior high, I used big gestures when I was talking.
When the bullying was at it’s height, my father told me that maybe if I didn’t have such strange mannerisms (referring to my big hand gestures) people wouldn’t pick on me so much.
Thereafter, I became very wooden. To this day I tend to hold my hands close to my body and not gesture very much at all.
Both bullying and victim blaming can scar people for life.

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Last week, CNN ran a story about a little boy who wrote an early (very early) letter to Santa asking him to help is twin sister, who is bullied in school.

The letter was sweet and heartbreaking and it included a picture of the third grade girl next to her brother, who is half her size.

Ryan wrote to Santa, asking for help to stop the bullying his sister, Amber, is facing at school.

What I’d like to address today is the comments section of this story.

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