The Problem With Celebrity Worship Part I: Everything Must Be Larger Than Life

It’s not that I have anything against this particular pair of people. I certainly hope that they are very happy together, particularly since they have children.

I’m using this video as an illustration of the ostentatious spectacle that everyday people come to desire because it is presented to them as being somehow superior to what ordinary people have. This is simply an example. One need only read a gossip magazine or watch any entertainment show to see examples of the “celebrities are better than us” mentality.

A lot of women grow up with the fairytale princess myth from the time we are very small. As we grow up, this myth is brought to life in stories about Hollywood romances. One imagines a wedding with famous, beautiful people in attendance where perhaps a famous singer or singers perform.

The reality never measures up to our hopes. It takes a great deal of money to accomplish a scenario such as is described in this video. There is an air of “you little people will never be this good” in this style of reporting.

I have found that by getting rid of television all together and not reading gossip magazines or going to celebrity-centered websites, I have lessened to a degree my dissatisfaction with my lot in life. I still stress about my lack of money, living paycheck to paycheck even though I make well above minimum wage, drive an old car, and live in a far from ostentatious home. At least I no longer continually feed myself with the idea that in order to measure up, I need to live like royalty or a star.

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One thought on “The Problem With Celebrity Worship Part I: Everything Must Be Larger Than Life

  1. Agreed, Helena. Many people spend a lot of time worshiping and feeling inferior to celebrities rather than working on improving their own lives.

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