Buying Snake Oil

I’ve heard so many stories of weight loss surgery ruining people’s lives that I’d never, not for even one second, consider it. When we call it what it is, a stomach amputation, it really doesn’t sound so pretty.
It used to be that only people with life-threatening conditions such as stomach cancer received gastric bypass. It was considered a last-ditch effort to save someone’s life. Now it’s recommended to people with perfectly healthy digestive systems as a way to achieve the coveted socially acceptable weight range. Sick and sad.

Fierce, Freethinking Fatties

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Trigger warning: Discussion of the decision to get weight loss surgery.

On the eve of Weight Stigma Awareness Week, which begins today, the insidious nature of weight stigma hit home.  It was a Thursday evening. I was attending a meeting for one of my volunteer groups that I’ve been in long enough I feel as though many of them are like family.  When I got the news that I lost the genetic lottery, they were among the first people to find out and they’re a small number of the people I am honest with about how I’m feeling.

Having gone through an adrenal crash a few days prior, there were many inquiries about my health.  Of course, I’m not the only one with issues. One of my mentees had been out for several months because his wife was sick. At the end of the night I’d asked him…

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