Special K Thinks We’re All Stupid

I’ve discussed before how Special K (I’m pretty sure the K stands for Krappy) ads make me all stabby, but I’m always fine to do so again.
Their cereal has lousy nutritional value. I could eat the box it came in and get similar nutrition, and a similar taste.
I think the stupidest of their ads is for the so called Chocolate Delight cereal, which makes freaking Cocoa Krispies taste like dark chocolate mousse.
Here’s a weight-obsessed woman who for reasons unknown decides to make a cake. She’s about to (Jenny Craig forbid!) lick the bowl. Instead, she decides to have Chocolate Delight cereal, which, lo and behold, solves her craving for evil, evil chocolate.
Why the fresh hell would you make a freaking cake in the first place if you aren’t going to enjoy the damn thing?
I refuse to purchase any product made by Kellogg’s at this point.

Dances With Fat

Cookie Monster Special KOne of the great things about watching all of my TV on Hulu and Netflix is that I don’t see a lot of commercials. For the past couple of days I’ve been dog sitting two super cute pitbulls and so I’ve been watching cable, which means watching a ton of crappy weight loss commercials.  The only thing that’s stopped me from hurling something heavy at the television is that it’s not mine.

The most insidious examples right now seem to come from Special K. They are using a size acceptance message to sell weight loss.  It’s gross.  In some commercials they’ve stolen size acceptance tools like Marilyn Wann’s Yay Scale and Amanda Levitt’s Body Positive Measuring Tapes. Claire Mysko over on The Frisky did a great job of taking this down.

The one I keep seeing is this one:

As a catchy song about having a good day plays…

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