That’s Thin Bashing! (and other stupid things privileged people say)

An excellent explanation of what privilege is. Many people don’t understand. This breaks it down nicely.

Fierce, Freethinking Fatties


For those who cannot access this link or don’t have time to read it all (I highly recommend it), basically it boils down to this:

Any person of any identity can be an asshole to any person of any other identity. But that doesn’t make it oppression. It doesn’t even make it racism or sexism or heterosexim or any other -ism. There is a profound danger in watering down our discussion of identity by removing any mention of societal power, oppression, and privilege. Doing so ensures that the conversation remains about interpersonal slights rather than about the larger systems of oppression that are the true problem. [Emphasis not mine]

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One thought on “That’s Thin Bashing! (and other stupid things privileged people say)

  1. This is very important information to share as many people don’t understand the concept. Most of us are victims of discrimination by other people at some point in our lives. Not everyone is a victim of oppression.
    I have male privilege, white privilege, North American privilege, and middle class privilege. I am the target of homophobia and discrimination against persons with mental illness (depression) as well as size discrimination. I am six foot three and weigh 325 pounds. Although my height puts me in the “small fat” category, some people feel the need to give me unsolicited advice about the need to lose weight “for my health.” I realize that the weight stigma tends to be worse for women.
    At this point, I don’t fear being fired for my sexual orientation. I was not nearly as open about it when I first started my job in 1997. I needed to “test the waters” first. No one should have to fear losing their job for their sexual orientation.

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