The Story of Terry Fox

July 28, 1958 – June 28, 1981
Terry would never have called himself a hero. But he was.

Sizist Asshole Plays Nasty Trick on Costumed Children


I am so furious right now that there is probably steam coming out my ears.

This is my response to this post regarding some holier than thou concern troll crotch thinking it’s okey dokey to give kids she deems fat a missive telling their parents exactly that.

You know what’s worse than being fat?
Being a judgmental asshole.
I became bulimic at a very young age. I spent my entire life hating myself. When I got into my late forties I discovered two concepts that might mean the last half of my life at least won’t be spent mired in self loathing.
Size acceptance and health at every size.
The diet industry pulls in billions of dollars every year on the premise of making people hate themselves.
You cannot tell the state of a person’s health based on their size.
The so called diseases of obesity are in fact diseases of aging. People of every size are more likely to get heart disease, hypertension, and type II diabetes as they grow older.
The people who “cost” the health care system the most are the elderly of every size.
Concern trolls who are soooo “concerned” about the “health” of fat people just want said fat people not to be fat because said concern trolls are bigoted assholes.
And all else being said, bullying children is okay NEVER!
I can’t help but hope that someone plays a very nasty trick on this bitch.

Tough Times For Schools


Published on Aug 1, 2013

Stream Fox 17 newscasts LIVE starting with TN Mornings at 5 am and News at 9 pm.NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Metro, Wilson, Dickson, Giles and Trousdale County Schools are all back in session. Students are storming the hallways at Hillwood High School. It’s an early start that most are still getting used to.Down the road at H.G. Hill Middle School, students showing up in the masses prepared to take on the day.As students settle in and work out minor problems, Metro School administrators are hard at work handling the bigger issues.Students starting the school year with one teacher could end up with another. That’s because 65 teachers are considered under-performing teachers and could be fired in the coming weeks.Dr. Register won’t be cutting all the teaching jobs in question, but did say he plans to re-assign some teachers and give additional training to those that need it. The potential cuts affect mostly middle and high school teachers, and make up less than 1% of employees. According to recent TCAP scores, Metro students are doing better in math, but not making much progress in reading. So, this year, Metro Schools will be putting more of an emphasis on reading and language arts.Follow us on Twitter @wztv_fox17 and LIKE us on Facebook for updates.

History in the Making: Bill Gates and Steve Jobs Over the Years

Corporate psychology is not my specialty. However, it is fascinating to study and try to discern what made Apple and Microsoft the giants of the industry, basically shutting out all other operating systems.
I am also not a computer expert. I am Joe End-User. I need something that works easily and quickly for me. Apple and Microsoft both targeted Jane and Joe End-User as opposed to focusing their software on corporate applications. I wouldn’t know what to do with a Linux if it came up and bit me.
It is also fascinating to study the history of the computer. For the greater part of the twentieth century, computers were relegated to use in the military and certain industries. They were great behemoths that took up entire rooms. The smaller computers envisioned on the original Star Trek came close to showing what was to come for computers.
As for Jobs and Gates, their success comes not only from their innovation, but also from their refusal to allow others to discourage them from their goals. Their success did not happen overnight. If you listen to them, they also acknowledge that they had other people assisting them to achieve their ambitions.
In order to succeed, one must be flexible enough to allow their vision to evolve and morph, but never give up on the goal.
Believe in yourself and your vision.
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Ludicrously Long List of Links

There is such important information here.
I’m not trying to link body size with emotional eating, as I think it’s primarily genetic. However, there are many factors involved in the big picture. Body size is definitely not simply “calories in, calories out.”
Let’s single out the emotional eating component for the sake of argument. In truth, most human beings are drawn to emotional eating to one degree or another, or there would be no such thing as “comfort food.” For my own part, I’m a large person, both tall and heavy–set. I have always been burly. As a child, I did not eat significantly more than my smaller friends. Its possible that I had a somewhat larger appetite to feed my growing big-boy self, but it wasn’t like I was eating entire pots of food all on my own. My skinny cousin rivaled me in being able to pack it in. He’s still skinny, and I’m still heavy.
When I was in my early college years, I starved myself, worked out excessively, and took advantage of the cocaine and amphetamine diet that my upper middle class financial status allowed for. Looking back, I was miserable and sometimes borderline suicidal. It was impossible for me to maintain the “ideal” body type that I was struggling to achieve.
It’s an agonizingly slow process, but articles like these can and do make a difference. I hope everyone will take a look at them.


Fat-Shaming Leads to Weight Gain, Not Loss

Having been a reader of fat-acceptance writers like Kate Harding for a long time, I can safely say that there are many people/commenters who are deeply concerned that if we don’t shame and insult fat people for their weight, they won’t be motivated to lose it. This “idea” was just dealt a major blow by researchers from the Florida State University College of Medicine, who that found that shaming fat people about their weight correlates to weight gain, not loss

I’ve noticed a common theme in reporting on fat: People will report something as though it’s new and surprising, when there have been previous studies with the same result. We’ve known this for a while. Why is it never “further confirmation that fat-shaming leads to weight gain”? The same thing happens every time there’s study showing that the “overweight” BMI…

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The Red Carpet

Axel Brauns is a novelist who lives with autism. He discusses his issues with learning to interpret faces and perceive emotions.

I do not have much experience with autism, so please forgive any shortfalls in my knowledge. I know that some people think that all individuals with autism are out of control and learning disabled. From what I have observed in what I have read and viewed about people with the condition, there is a great range in abilities, intelligence, and tolerance of external stimulus.

I think that whether autistic or mentally ill, it is often difficult living in a world where one does not fall into the neuro-normative spectrum. People who are not neuro-normative are often misperceived as being less intelligent, dangerous, unable to interact with others, and completely unstable.

Educating the public helps resolve the stigma that persons who are not neuro-normative endure.

I wish I could find a copy of this film. Axel is a fascinating person. I would like to learn more about his writing and thought processes.


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Sly Fawkes

Why Drive Drunk When You Can Call the Limo?

Boys and girls, if you have limousine service at your disposal 24-7, there is no excuse for driving drunk, EVER!

I know that most of us think we are better at everything when we’re drunk. Still, if you get busted driving drunk and you could have had your drunk ass taken back home in style, I cut you no slack.

Even for us common folk, most bars get you a free cab ride home if you’re plastered.

Driving drunk may seek okey-dokey, until you wrap your car around a tree or worse, kill someone.

Just don’t do it.



Michelle Obama’s Repeated Mistake

Even if Michelle Obama believes that being heavy is unhealthy, I don’t see how she can condone the bullying tactics utilized on The Biggest Dickweed. I hope that everyone will sign this petition and hopefully she will stop her ill-advised love affair with this abusive bed partner.

Dances With Fat

social-changeLast year when I found out that Michelle Obama was going on The Biggest Loser, I wrote an article with Darryl Roberts talking about what an absolutely horrible idea it was and why.  Unfortunately it didn’t get the job done because Michelle Obama is planning to appear on the show again this year.  The article we wrote is below if you want to read it, right now though you can help the campaign to stop the First Lady from going to TBL and hopefully start a dialog about why this culture that she is perpetuating is so dangerous. Here are some activism opportunities:

Sign the petition:

Utilize these Pinterest memes 

Spread the petition and memes using your own social media.

Do other awesome things and let us know about them in the comments.

Here is the article we wrote last year:

When I heard that Michelle Obama was…

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Big v. Small —

I have been working with the geriatric population since 1988. I have actually seen more thin to average size type II diabetics than heavy type II diabetics.
This is one of those diseases that becomes more likely as a person ages. The fatphobia in our current medical system means that larger people who may happen to be at risk aren’t getting the treatment they need because they’re ashamed to seek treatment. It also means that the disease may be being missed in people with smaller body types, because “only fatties get type II diabetes.”
Fat hate is helping no-one of any size.

Fierce, Freethinking Fatties

Weight LossFat HealthFat ScienceExerciseFat NewsWeight Loss SurgeryDiet Talk

Trigger warning: Discussion of traditional diabetes treatment (aka weight loss) and weight loss surgery.

If I asked you to imagine someone with Type 2 diabetes (T2D), who do you see?

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