How is food like a drug?

Whatever the case, shaming and hating people with larger body types is not making anyone thin, but it is making a lot of people unhappy.


First of all, let’s get this out of the way: Food isnot a drug.

But drugs do tap into the natural reward pathways used by food (and other things). Which is why I think that Rat Park is relevant when we look at the ways food, eating, fat, and weight are studied.

Why? The Rat Park experiment, in a nutshell, shows that few rats become addicted to morphine when they’re given an interesting environment, one similar to conditions they’d find in the wild, where they’re able to interact with other rats, play with toys, and exercise on wheels. Rats kept in small cages, on the other hand, with nothing to do but eat, sleep, and self-administer morphine, will self-administer until they die.

I touched on this a bit in an earlier post, We aren’t caricatures. One problem with the way that lab animals are studied, including the…

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