fighting to survive

For people who ask silly questions, like “why don’t you just get over it because it happened blah blah however many minutes ago,” get a clue. Abuse isn’t something one can “get over,” like one gets over watching a sucky movie. Peoples’ lives are altered forever by abuse, as many of us can attest.


2 thoughts on “fighting to survive

  1. You never get over it. I was sexually assaulted nearly sixteen years ago. I don’t hide in my house, but often when the topic of sexual assault comes up, I feel my chest getting tight, I start having trouble breathing, and I want to curl up In a ball under a desk.

    • Such true words, tempest; people are rarely asked to “get over” the death of a loved one (even if that loved one is a beloved pet), yet for those of us who have lived through the trauma of abuse, we are regularly asked to move on. That is why spreading the word about abuse is vital.

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