Hate is Worse Than Fat

This woman has 99 inch hips.

As you can imagine, the comments were rife with hate and judgment.

This was my comment.

What is the need for making horrific comments? To prove that you think yourselves superior to this person? That says something pretty awful about you.

If you don’t find this person attractive, fine. Leave her alone. Finding a person unattractive is no excuse for not treating them with common decency.

Expanding on this:

Her proportions are unusual, and I imagine are due to hormones. Estrogen is the reason why women tend to carry more weight in our hips and thighs.

Regardless of the reason why she is shaped the way she is, regardless of whether or not anyone else finds her attractive, she is a human being. She deserves to be treated with common courtesy.

It’s astounding to me how many people think it’s perfectly okay to say awful things about a person whom they don’t even know based on the fact that said person doesn’t look like the current model of beauty.

I honestly think that people are getting meaner and meaner. It’s time to wake up.

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2 thoughts on “Hate is Worse Than Fat

  1. Amen!!! So many people get hung up on the size of others, particularly when it comes to making negative comments and judgments. No one minds the fact that the “beauty” industry lies to us daily by using Photoshop to “improve” images, creating unhealthful diet practices, and so forth. No wonder so many of us struggle with such issues. I applaud this young lady and her husband for their willingness to speak, as well as their strength.

  2. Agree with you both. Also, some images seen in today’s magazines are not even real people–they are a composite of “ideal” body parts cobbled together.
    When a size 4 model is photoshopped to look skinner, I think that’s a sign of social sickness.

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