Hunters spark outrage after killing ‘spirit moose’ on Cape Breton Highlands trip

Ugh. This is a damn shame, though it seems to have happened out of ignorance. I hope that some good can come of it somehow.
I was saddened by this story. However, as someone who tries to call attention to issues involving animals on the Animal Anarchy page on Facebook, I am disturbed by comments which suggest that all hunters deserve to have terrible things happen to them. There are some irresponsible and callous hunters, but not all hunters can be painted with the same brush.
Extremism generally accomplishes nothing. Encouraging responsible and ethical hunting will accomplish a far better result than condemning hunters across the board.

National Post | News

Three hunters sparked outrage in Nova Scotia after a shop posted photos of the trio celebrating with their kill — which turned out to be a rare, culturally significant “spirit moose.”

The white bull moose is sacred to Mi’kmaq First Nations.

The photos, posted to Hnatiuk’s Hunting and Fishing’s Facebook page, show the three hunters posing gleefully around the hanging carcass after their Cape Breton Highlands trip.

“Big thanks,” the page administrator wrote after posting the photos. Two posts later, after a heated debate among commenters, the store thanked “DNR and Chief Bob Gloade for calling us today.

“Chief Bob was able to share the significance of the spirit moose with me and some of the ways in which our business and the hunters could help to bring peaceful closure.” The hunters are co-operating with the First Nations group and the store is preparing the hide to use in Mi’kmaq…

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