The Big Bad VFHT

Aging kills us all eventually. These “diseases of obesity” are diseases that become more likely as we age. Damn old people driving the health care costs up! If they’d just stay young, we wouldn’t have these problems!

Dances With Fat

Bad DoctorWe haven’t talked about this on the blog recently, but it is something that happens all the time and is worth being aware of.  It’s the VFHT:  The Vague Future Health Threat. It sounds like this “Well, you may be healthy now, but it will catch up to you someday”  (“it” here having the meaning of “being fat.”)

I find this to be paternalist, ignorant, unsupported, and annoying for the following reasons:

1. The psychic friends network went out of business for a reason.  If we take a step back we soon realize that this whole mess is based on us believing that this person can predict the future.

2.  This seems to be designed to make sure that fat people never ever believe they’ve done “enough” for their health or healthcare which is neither helpful, nor evidence-based.

3.  Everyone is going to die. There is a 100% chance. …

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One thought on “The Big Bad VFHT

  1. This article has so much truth in it! Sure, one can look at the family tree and say, “Hey, diabetes is all over my gene pool; I need to change my diet,” or, “Dad died of a heart attack but he smoked and drank and never exercised, so I think I’m doing OK.”

    Fact is, like someone said, the only two things in life we’re sure of: Death and taxes. Sorry I didn’t recognize you when you commented on my blog, Cie! Amy

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