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Until people wake up and realize that health and weight loss are two different things, nothing is going to change.
I hate The Biggest Dickweed, and I want to smack Michelle Obama with a brick for advocating it. For an intelligent and educated woman, she certainly ate a bowl of Stupid Flakes before making her decision that The Biggest Abuser deserved high praise.
Hint: if you are exercising to the point of puking, you’re over-exercising. I’m surprised these assholes’ tactics haven’t killed somebody.

Fierce, Freethinking Fatties

Biggest Dickweed

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Trigger warning: This post is about Biggest Loser weight loss bullshit.

As a child, i would drink anything but water. I was raised on Kool-Aid and skim milk. As I got older, I swapped out Dr. Pepper (no ice) for Kool-Aid, and still downed a gallon of skim milk every three days or so. Since adopting Health at Every Size, I have stopped drinking soda almost entirely. By paying attention to my body’s response to soda, I began to notice that I felt “sugared out” really quickly and that my thirst was never really quenched.

Consequently, I started drinking more water at work, then at home. I’d make myself either or a coffee or chai tea in the morning in the office, then refill my bottle or cup from the filtered water machine throughout the day. At night, I’d drink skim milk until our kids went to bed, then…

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