Meditate It Away?

Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t have anything against meditation. For those who have the ability to concentrate to the extent it takes to reach a meditative state, more power to you.

I don’t have that ability.

However, in an article entitled “The Science Behind Why We Binge (and What to Do About It)” the suggestion has been made that meditation can reduce the desire some of us have for overdoing it on booze, food, shopping, and other addictive behaviors.

Notice that the article falls under the “Happiness” category.

Notice also that the imagery in the article header is of a pizza.

It stands to reason that the author (or at least, the website magicians in the background) is making a subtle connection between the cure for binging, the cure for binging on food, and happiness.

Or is it me?


4 thoughts on “Meditate It Away?

  1. I can meditate, reach a relaxed state, and then fall asleep.
    I guess it stands to reason that if you’re asleep, you’re less likely to eat. Although some people do!

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