Sizist Asshole Plays Nasty Trick on Costumed Children


I am so furious right now that there is probably steam coming out my ears.

This is my response to this post regarding some holier than thou concern troll crotch thinking it’s okey dokey to give kids she deems fat a missive telling their parents exactly that.

You know what’s worse than being fat?
Being a judgmental asshole.
I became bulimic at a very young age. I spent my entire life hating myself. When I got into my late forties I discovered two concepts that might mean the last half of my life at least won’t be spent mired in self loathing.
Size acceptance and health at every size.
The diet industry pulls in billions of dollars every year on the premise of making people hate themselves.
You cannot tell the state of a person’s health based on their size.
The so called diseases of obesity are in fact diseases of aging. People of every size are more likely to get heart disease, hypertension, and type II diabetes as they grow older.
The people who “cost” the health care system the most are the elderly of every size.
Concern trolls who are soooo “concerned” about the “health” of fat people just want said fat people not to be fat because said concern trolls are bigoted assholes.
And all else being said, bullying children is okay NEVER!
I can’t help but hope that someone plays a very nasty trick on this bitch.


2 thoughts on “Sizist Asshole Plays Nasty Trick on Costumed Children

  1. This left me steaming. I found another article on the subject (with, of course, the expected anti-fat hate in the comments) and added this comment.
    This kind of bullying is deplorable and unacceptable. You cannot judge a person’s state of health by their size, and anyone who thinks you can is denying the fact that they have a prejudice. Look up Health At Every Size.
    I was always a big kid, and my sisters were also big. My parents were larger people. We ate healthy, balanced meals. My parents rarely let us have candy or soda. I in particular loved sports. I enjoyed playing soccer and in high school I was a prizewinning wrestler.
    As I got older, I internalized the messages of hate I received regarding my body type. I yo yo dieted and used amphetamines in an attempt to control my weight. I’ve never been more miserable than I was when I achieved my so called ideal weight.
    End the hate now.

  2. Ah, the War on Obesity–what a wonderful concept! It has helped so many…
    To eating disorders and self hate.
    I hope this bitch drowns in a vat of molten candy corn.

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