Addiction Treatment: It Works, but You Can’t Get It

Whaaa?! An addiction treatment that works, but I can’t get it?

Well, I am assuming I can’t get it.

Have you heard of “Passages Malibu,” an addiction treatment center that works via a non-12 step program? Visit here for the Wiki about it; note carefully that the co-owner (who I assume is the dude in the television commercial who says he went through the treatment and was cured) has no background in counseling or anything like that. Just sayin’.

For a mere $88,500 you too can go to this resort treatment facility.

Did I mention that bit of scratch gets you a month’s stay? If the figures in the Wiki are to be believed any further, a stint of similar length at Betty Ford will set you back a mere $27,400.

But more importantly, check out the webpage. Here: let me give you the image from their header in case you don’t have time to pop over and visit:

So. Take a close look at this photo. What do you see, or more importantly, what don’t you see?

If you said it appears there is only one person of color in the photo, you saw what I thought I saw.

From right to left if you look at all the people as though they were in an almost straight line, the second guy who is seated at the table with a lady and another guy seems to be the only person whose primary ethnicity is not European.

Second, did you notice the name of the joint: Passages Malibu? Yeah. That’s where a whole lot of wealthy folks live. Take a moment to pop back over to the Wiki and check out how much that house/mansion/treatment center itself cost. Yeah.

So it would be my supposition that poor people can’t go here. Oh. Right. It costs over 88 grand.

“But insurances are accepted!”

Right, but not all of them.

I don’t see Kaiser as a sending plan. I also don’t see Medi-Cal.

So basically many ordinary folks would not benefit from this center.

Which leads me to ask the question, so what good is it then?

The wealthy have the ability to utilize so many options, including private/individualized treatment options (if you can kick 88 thousand clams for one month’s worth of tennis and swimming–oh, and exercise and acupuncture, if one attends to the television commercials about the facility). If this gentleman and his father have discovered the cure to addiction, why not provide it in communities where it would be more useful?

Just sayin’.


One thought on “Addiction Treatment: It Works, but You Can’t Get It

  1. If you’re a rich addict, you’ve pretty well got it made as far as access to decent treatment. If you’re poor, well, just like everything else in the world, you’re f*cked and nobody gives a damn.

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