When Love and Hate Collide

Until doctors stop using weight as the be all and end all criteria for their health, they will continue to short-change their patients of all sizes. Diagnoses will be missed in larger patients because all their maladies will be blamed on their weight. Diagnoses will be missed in thin patients, because they will be decreed healthy for the fact that they are at a certain weight. This is doing no-one any favors.

Fierce, Freethinking Fatties

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Trigger warnings: Mental illness, weight loss

One of the hallmark traits (and probably the most frustrating one) of borderline personality disorder (BPD) is the constant back-and-forth switching of one’s opinions and decisions based on what is going on at that particular minute in one’s life. This is commonly referred to as “black and white thinking” and it is probably the most difficult symptom of BPD to deal with, both for the person with BPD and that person’s friends and family.

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