Is Fit and Fat Really a Myth?

As I pointed out in a comment on one of these articles, slender people are at a higher risk for osteoporosis than people with larger body types, but one doesn’t find slender people being admonished to eat more so as to circumvent the risk of osteoporosis.
The only thing that I really took out of these types of articles is that they are, as usual, saying that if you’re fat you’d better not accept yourself, because no matter what you do, you will not be acceptable.

Dances With Fat

news liesRecently some studies have come out that suggested that the idea that you can be fit and fat is simply not true.  I was going to do a take down of the study, but thanks to the days I took off for the marathon and recovering from the marathon (hey have I mention that I completed a marathon?  🙂 ) other people including Glenn Gaesser of Dr. Oz Fame, and the brilliant Deb Burgard have already broken it down beautifully (though the picture leaves something to be desired.)

I will say that what immediately stuck out to me as the biggest issue was that they didn’t control for cardiovascular fitness, even though the other studies about fitness and fatness (Wei et. al., Matheson et. al., the Cooper Institute Longitudinal Studies), cardiovascular fitness was shown to make the difference in relative risk of all cause mortality and health…

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