The Anglican gift

Thank you for your open-minded and informative post. It’s sad that some people continue to hold out for hate when there is no reason to do so.

Clare Flourish

File:Wenceslas Hollar - Richard Hooker (State 1).jpgHow Anglican churches may be brought to celebrate gay marriage.

Where a culture imbues a single prejudice, that gays are ew, the Bible seems clear. But when people look at verses which appear to say that and see it is ridiculous, and question why anyone would ever think that, then the Bible is less clear. The Bible is clearly in favour of slavery until, well, it’s not.

I read the Pilling report so that you don’t have to. I hope that by small changes like supporting church blessings for gay relationships, and by framing the debate, it will ease the church into celebrating gay weddings. How it does so is worth considering.

It reports the origins of Anglicanism. The Anglican gift to the world is the middle way between reformed and Roman Catholic Christianity. The Reformation started war all over Europe and English Catholics in power burned their opponents, but…

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