So You’re “Concerned” About My Size


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Losing Weight? That May Not Mean You’re Any Healthier

A provocative new study examines whether you can be fit and fat at the same time.

The people who claim to be “concerned about the health” of larger people are full of it. What they are really concerned about is wanting everybody to look a certain way. This study is not particularly ground-breaking. People participating in Health At Every Size have known for years that focusing on actual health, not weight loss, is the key, and that adopting healthier habits will make you healthier, regardless of weight loss.

There are individual differences in the health of every human being, regardless of size or fitness level. However, there are no significant differences in healthy people of whatever size, be they small, large, or somewhere in between.

There may be certain types of health risks that are more intrinsic to larger bodies, but there are also certain health risks that come with slender bodies. A slim person is more prone to osteoporosis than a heavy one, but they are not assumed to be eating too little or admonished to gain weight in order to avoid osteoporosis. Larger people are always assumed to be shoveling in gallons of food every hour, when in reality, this is not the case. The assumption that  larger people are always lazy gluttons is untrue. A person’s body type is multifactoral.

We all die someday. Berating people for having a body that tends to hold onto adipose tissue is unkind and unnecessary. Just because we have deemed a person unattractive does not give us the right to make their lives miserable. People need to stop using “health” as an excuse to belittle larger people, when the truth is, nobody gives a rip about anyone else’s “health,” only their lack of being fashionably thin.

~The Cheese~



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