Tyra Banks Please Say No to Special K

I truly believe that Tyra’s heart is in the right place, and I think she’s a very cool person all around. However, Special Krap is anti positivity for larger bodies. Every year it comes out with the same bull-honkus about how we can lose six pounds in six weeks. If they’re so body positive, why are they telling us we need to lose six pounds?
No body bashing includes not bashing fat bodies.

Dances With Fat

DefendIt looks like Tyra Banks has joined Special K for their “Shhhhut Down Fat Talk” campaign.  I hope that she reconsiders, because there are a bunch of issues here.

I blogged about the many issues with using the term “fat talk” as a substitute for “negative body talk” , chief among them that saying that we shouldn’t call people fat suggests that being fat is such a terrible thing that we shouldn’t utter the word out loud.  Fat people are not Voldemort and making fat seem like the “physical descriptor that must not be named” actually further shames and stigmatizes people who are fat whether we call them/ourselves that or not. The trick is to end body shaming and negative body talk full stop – not to suggest that we should abandon the use a perfectly good physical descriptor because people have been allowed to heap stereotypes onto it.

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