Activism – You’re Not Doing It Wrong

The times in my life when I have gone bats**t crazy, off the walls, ranting with steam coming out of my ears, are those times when I have in many different ways tried to express myself calmly and nobody listened, and I finally lost it.
I really don’t like to lose it, so at this point, I’m kind of cranky all the time and I speak my mind from the get-go. I may not be yelling, but I’m not smiling or begging either.

Dances With Fat

DefendToday I posted a link to a piece to Facebook called “Privilege, Oppression, and Being Nice.”  In the piece she says:

When privileged people tell oppressed groups “I would listen to you, but you aren’t being very nice” they are asserting their power in a subtle, but dangerous way. They are victim blaming. They are trying to hide the fact that when others have “asked nicely,” they just ignored them. When they tell you it is up to you to convince them to treat you like a human being, they are revealing that they never thought of you as human to begin with.

There was an immediate backlash from some people on my Facebook page saying things like “If your goal is to change people’s minds, then attacking them doesn’t make sense. If your goal is to vent, then by all means vent. Just don’t expect it to change anyone’s…

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3 thoughts on “Activism – You’re Not Doing It Wrong

  1. Amen sister! I love this and applaud you! I am also glad not to be the only cranky person wandering about. I have a post coming that speaks to these feelings too.

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