Would Life Be Easier Thin?

Would my life be easier if I were thin? Absolutely. Then I would become invisible. Of course life would be easier if only everyone looked just like Number 12: a dainty, pretty, eternally young white girl.
The most important point made in this post is that giving in to the bullies in order to get them to stop bullying is not the answer.

Dances With Fat

First they ignore youI see a lot of weight loss schemes sold based on the idea that life will be “easier” when you’re thin.  It’s a common question that I get asked when I’m talking about fat civil rights activism and demanding respect – “But wouldn’t your life be easier if you were thin?”

There are a lot of things that might make my life easier – if I were taller some things would be easier (reaching stuff) but some things would be more difficult (standing up on a plane).  There are plenty of ways that I could change in various situations that would make my life “easier” based on people’s social expectations, religious beliefs, stereotypes etc. but that doesn’t mean I should make those changes.

But for the sake of argument, let’s assume that the answer is “yes” – that my life would be easier if I did not have to live…

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