Mother Jones Meltdown

Hey, this is fun! Let me try one!
I am fat.
I have an underactive thyroid gland.
Being fat causes your thyroid gland to be underactive!
Now I just need to write the article stating that if everyone would just become a Socially Acceptable Size (TM) their thyroid problems would magically disappear!
So, what I’m getting from this Mother Jones article is that being fat causes you to vote for Republicans.
Well, if only I’d known that! But I didn’t know, so I voted for the Other Guy.

Dances With Fat

facepalmWhen you read that “researchers have found a statistically significant correlation between [thing x and thing y]” what do you imagine the percent of correlation to be (after, of course, you realize that since it’s just correlation so all they’ve found is that two things sometimes happen at the same time, without any idea of what causes them, and with the distinct possibility that they are completely unrelated.) Still, what would your expectation be if a source that it supposed to be reporting the news said that there was a “statistically significant correlation?” Would you expect that correlation to be 80%?  50%?  Would you expect it to be .02 percent?

That’s exactly what Mother Jones did on their Facebook post today.  Their teaser for an article they linked to by Pacific Standard called  “Grand Obese Party” (see what they did there – so clever) read “Researchers have found a statistically…

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