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Methinks this Tom Fool is filled with much self-loathing and, much like a closeted homosexual who is filled with internalized homophobia, he lashes out at people who remind himself of his “dirty” secret.
Hopefully he can overcome this problem. But since he gets paid for being a douchebag, it probably won’t happen.

Fierce, Freethinking Fatties

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We got a special visitor yesterday. It seems that Kitsune struck a nerve with her post, “I See You,” triggering an onslaught of trolls such that even the execrable/excremental Tom “Do What I Say Not What I Do” Leykis thought he’d drop another doomed-for-moderation comment on us. You may recall that Leykis is a shock jock, “pick-up artist” guru and all-around terrible person who is too cowardly to respond to me publicly. Leykis has made four comments in the last five months, even though I’ve told him via email and Twitter that I won’t let his comments through.

It’s as if he just can’t help himself. Trolls come a’runnin’ for the rich taste of Fierce, Freethinking Fatties.

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