Fierce, Freethinking Fatty Feminists

This is not an original statement on my part, but it bears repeating. Sex does not sell, misogyny sells. If sex sold, there would be equally as many men as women in suggestive poses, using their bodies to “sell” whatever the object may be.
“Sex sells” means humiliating young, conventionally pretty women for the sake of the sacred 18-32 year old male gaze sells. And it’s a very good idea not to buy into that tired and harmful trope.

Fierce, Freethinking Fatties

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I had my first encounter with feminism when I was 15 years old and attending Woodmere Junior High School South in New York. Ninth grade was a complicated year for me in a multitude of ways; the most significant perhaps being my mother’s death the previous year. As an adolescent it was difficult enough going through all of the hormonal angst and rebelling against my parents and the establishment, but when you have to rebel against someone you loved deeply and who just died, it is hard to go through separation/individuation without feeling more than a tad guilty.

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