I See Fat People, They Are Everywhere

If not for my stupid piece of crap loser thyroid gland, I would probably never go to the doctor at all. But because I have the worst endocrine system in the entire universe, I am stuck going to the doctor every few months.
I’m pissed off right now because I was just diagnosed with diabetes, and forget the fact that this is hereditary on my mother’s side of the family and I dodged the bullet until I was nearly 50. It’s obviously my fault because I’m fat.
At this moment I see stupid people, they are everywhere.

Dances With Fat

Tonight in the State of the Union, President Obama gave Michelle Obama credit for lowering childhood obesity.  This is not so cut and dried as it might sound.  Australian scholar Michael Gard points out in his new book, The End of the Obesity Epidemic, that over the last decade obesity rates among both adults and children have leveled off or declined all over the world, including in the United States. In 1998 35 million Americans went to bed a so-called “healthy weight” and woke up fat thanks to a commission of scientists with ties to weight loss programs and drugs who successfully lobbied to have what is considered a “healthy” weight lowered (creating 25 million new potential clients in the process.)

But try to calmly enter this information into the discussion and you’ll often find yourself  shouted down by people yelling – I see fat people everywhere and I…

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