No Pitying, No Preaching, No Problem

Chef “Healthy Cooking” sounds like she was a real expert at talking out both sides of her mouth. I’m glad the judges weren’t buying what she was selling.
The two “P’s with which fat people are treated: pitying and preaching, add up to a third “P”: a big pile of POOP!
People need to get over their crappy attitudes and stop blaming those who don’t adhere to an arbitrary standard of beauty.

Dances With Fat

I was watching a cooking show.  There was a chef whose passion was “healthy cooking.”  She started out by talking about how many people in her family “struggle with their weight”, she teared up as she talked about how sad it was for her to watch.

Then, when she went in front of the judges with a soup that was a horrific looking combination of black eyed peas and cabbage – pureed –   she suddenly got angry and went on a rant about how she was “fed up” how there is “no excuse for it.” Happily the judges were not into the attitude which for me neatly  summed up two reactions that people have to fat people that I find utterly inappropriate and unwelcome.

First – Pity.  Don’t want it, don’t need it, won’t listen to it.  There is nothing pitiable about my body.  As I’ve mentioned before I do…

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