Is Joe Schrank Chris Christie’s New Psychic?

Not a fan of Christie’s politics, but people need to back the flea dipped flock off when it comes to his weight and health, which is none of their damn business!
Looking at Chris Christie, my initial impression was this:
Now, that looks like a strong, take-charge kind of guy.
Which he is, give the devil his due.
If I hear one more fool make a crack about Christie’s weight as if it had anything to do with his politics or any other relevant issue, I swear I’ll give ’em a foot-long blazing buffalo sub for a suppository!

Dances With Fat

Bad DoctorOn The Fix, a site he co-founded, Joe Schrank  wrote a piece called “Chris Christie, The Addict?”  Based on the question mark in the title you might assume that this is a piece wondering if Chris Christie has some kind of addiction – I know I did.  It’s not. This piece is highly problematic in a number of ways, let’s look at some of them: (thanks to reader Elizabeth for letting me know about this!)

Lets start with the obvious: His apparent-to-the-naked eye eating disorder.

The only thing apparent to the naked eye is Governor Christie’s body size.  Mr. Schrank bills himself as an “addiction specialist”  In further research he seems to have studied clinical social work and  done all of his work in alcohol and substance abuse.  Maybe he’s just out of his depth, but anyone who studied clinical social work and bills himself as an “addiction specialist” should…

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