Racism, Sizism, and Sexism in Entertainment


This was a response to a post at Fierce Fatties. Why I didn’t just reblog it, I don’t know.

Sometimes interesting fat characters are created, but then they’re slimmed down. DC Comics created Amanda Waller, a strong, fat, black woman. Then they slimmed her down and whitewashed her to make her look more like a conventionally pretty, lighter-skinned black woman such as Halle Berry, rather than a large, dark-skinned woman like Gabourey Sidibe or even a medium sized black woman like S. Epatha Merkerson.
See www dot comicvine dot com slash amanda-waller slash 4005-4920/
Racism, sizism, and sexism are indeed alive and well in entertainment. Yes, there are performers of color and of size. But they are few and far between, and the road for them is much harder.


2 thoughts on “Racism, Sizism, and Sexism in Entertainment

    • When I was much younger, I wanted to be a model or actress. At one studio, the receptionist gave me such an evil glare that I knew I didn’t stand a chance. Another studio showed some interest, but they wanted to use me as a plus size model. I was a size 10 at the time. Even though I was still pretty unenlightened about size acceptance, I realized that this was problematic. I asked why they didn’t use actual plus size women to model the plus size clothes. I was told that nobody wanted to see actual fat women. I was socially conscious enough to know that I really did not want to work in that environment.
      I’m still a great big ham, and if I had a shot at acting, I would jump on it! Of course my 300 pound self would have trouble fitting more than my little finger into the Size 0 dress that all actresses are supposed to wear!

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