Bridge Too Far —

I am still waiting for someone to drop dead on this travesty of a program. Also, did anyone say “talking out both sides of your mouth?” First she’s too fat, so she was blamed and shamed for her weight. Now she’s too thin, and people are going into pearl-clutching mode. I wouldn’t doubt but what she now has a full-blown eating disorder, because, after all, thin is everything.
If anyone thinks this show is about health, they need their head examined.

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Trigger warning: This post is all about Biggest Loser, eating disorders, calorie counting and weight loss diets.

I need a few more days for to finish The Big Project, which will drop next week. So for now, I just want to reflect on the brou ha ha that sprung up around The Biggest Dickweed‘s 15th Inglorious Season Finale.

Apparently, the winner this year, Rachel Fredrickson, lost 60% of her starting weight, finishing with a BMI of 18 (aka underweight) and the media and the public have been wringing their hands out of concern for this young woman because she’s now “too thin.”

My only question for those who are shocked at the big reveal is this: Are you fucking kidding me?

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2 thoughts on “Bridge Too Far —

  1. So I must admit: I watched season one with some interest. That is until I eas able to read that microscopic print that flashes at the end of the closing credits and shares info like, each contestant is monitored by a physician. Etc. I thought about it and imagined how much would have to be spent to have every contestant monitored. There was no mention of a psychologist or counselor for those who are kicked off, the “ceremony” of which must scar each person (and many of us) for life. And this thing, not to mention that this young lady replied by saying she is now the person she always wanted to be or somesuch? It all frightens me.

    • I saw it once and turned it off in horror and disgust. Bullying and shaming have never helped anyone. They may shame people into certain behaviors, but that isn’t the same as helping by any stretch of the imagination.
      My brother says that the contestants let themselves in for it. What he doesn’t understand is the desperation that drives them to do so.

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