What The Biggest Loser is Really About

Nobody will think they’ve gone too far until someone dies. Even then, a lot of people will not think they’ve gone too far. Yet people continue to think that fat hate either does not exist or is deserved. Sometimes I don’t want to live on this planet any more.
The fact that this crap exists shows that nobody really cares about anybody’s well being. So long as everyone looks a certain way, everything is sunshine and unicorn farts!

Dances With Fat

Jillian MichaelsThe Biggest Loser has named a new champion.  Rachel Frederickson won the show by losing 60% of her body weight, going from 260 pounds to 105 pounds. This is a Biggest Loser Record. She lost the most and so she walked away with $250,000 because TBL is a game show wherein people manipulate their body size for money. It’s not a health show, it’s a game show. A terrible, terrible game show.

Since the show aired there has been much speculation about Rachel Frederickson’s health, I won’t be engaging in that – when I say that we shouldn’t make guesses about people’s health based on their weight, I mean it.  Besides, The Biggest Loser isn’t about health. If it was a health show and not a game show they wouldn’t eliminate people from the show, they wouldn’t insist that sweets are “unhealthy” and then have challenges where people can earn…

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