One Year Ago Today

A sobering reminder that victims are often forgotten in violent crimes. It is important to advocate for victims’ rights.

Truth, Justice, and All-American Allergen-Free Apple Pie

Purple Candle It was one year ago today that Bothell resident Susann Smith was savagely murdered at her home. It is one of the most horrific domestic violence homicides I know of. This German-born mother of two was subjected to deliberate violations and atrocities designed to maximize her suffering and ultimately take her life.

In May of last year, taken aback by how little news coverage this case had received, I posted an article about her murder on this blog. The Bothell Reporter, thankfully, had kept the case alive in the public’s eye and published details that no one else in the media seemed to care about. While I’m passionate about crime victims advocacy, I had no idea that this blog would become a gathering spot for people connected to the case. The original post and comment thread, with links to many articles, is at

Smith’s ex-husband was eventually arrested…

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