Being Fat vs. Having Fat

I could describe myself as the fat, older lady with long gray hair and glasses. People could easily pick me out of a crowd with that description, I think. However, I’d have plenty of people telling me not to call myself fat or old. Why shouldn’t I? They’re neutral descriptors!
I also bet I’d have plenty of people asking me why I don’t dye my hair. After all, why wouldn’t I want to try and pretend I’m twenty-five when I’m actually nearly twice that?
I think it’s eye-roll time!
I would love to live in a world where a person could be what they are and not be told that what they are is unacceptable.

Dances With Fat

my name is Reader Jennifer let me know about a Facebook meme that says “You are not fat.  You have fat.  You also have fingernails.  But you are not fingernails.”  I’ve seen this in plenty of version and I think it’s problematic on a lot of levels.

First of all, as regular readers have probably already sussed out, I would be much more comfortable if this was written from the perspective of how someone feels about/for themselves instead of dictating to others how we should feel (ie: “I’m not fat, I have fat” instead of “You are not fat, you have fat”.)  People are allowed to look at their bodies this way because, hey, underpants rule.  That said, I think it’s an idea worth some exploring.

First of all, let’s consider some other examples: You are not brunette, you have brown hair.  You are not tall, you have above-average height. When I’m…

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