Who Are We At War With?

He goes off on a couple of tangents, but he raises some important questions. The first is, why does the Department of Homeland Security feel the need for vehicles with 50 caliber machine guns mounted on them to patrol the U.S./Mexico border? We are not at war with Mexico. We have no need for weapons of this magnitude to stop potential defectors from crossing the border. I think he’s implying that the vehicles actually serve a more sinister purpose. In any case, they are overkill. Firepower of this magnitude is not necessary to combat potential defectors attempting to cross the border from Mexico.

There is another question raised regarding free speech. I personally noticed when watching news conferences following 9/11 that no reporters were daring to ask the tough questions. I do feel that the mainstream news media has an agenda. I’m not citing any particular liberal or conservative bias. I simply feel that the mainstream media has been told by those in control not to ask certain questions or air certain issues. They keep it clean to make the government look good.

Following 9/11, I also noticed that if anyone dared question the actions of our government, they were automatically accused of being unpatriotic and potentially a terrorist sympathizer. This is a dangerous trend. When people are unable to express criticism of the government without fear of attack, we, as a nation, are not abiding by one of the most important tenets of our own Constitution. It does not mean that a person is anti-American if they express distress regarding certain policies or actions. Wanting to improve the quality of life for and grant a level of equal freedom to all people is not treason.

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Mice and Men —

First and foremost, congratulations! You are an inspiration. I have one flight of stair knees at this point in my life. More than that, and my right knee starts locking up. I can walk flat paths, even inclines, but stairs and my knees don’t get along.
As for the people who are so OFFENDED that Ragen is walking a marathon, I’ll bet a year’s salary that they wouldn’t be offended if she was thin and walking a marathon. They’d be telling her to go for it.
Third, as to “Fitness Circle Jerk” and their ilk, they are more committed to being jerks than to fitness. If they were really so committed to fitness, they would be talking about their particular exercise routines, what electrolyte drink was the best, things of that nature, not hating on people they don’t even know.

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Last year, I had a plan.

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Trapped in the System

Monstrous! People wonder why I avoid doctors unless I have to go. Unfortunately, given the health conditions I have, I have to go three times a year, minimum. The American medical system is a travesty. We have great technology and Draconian ethics.

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There is a story I have been following for some time through conservative and Pro-Life news sources. When I initially considered writing about it here, I was shocked at the lack of coverage in mainstream news sources. Even today, I was debating between doing a roundup of miscellaneous links or signal-boosting the story. In light of the latest development, the boost won out. People who warn of government overbearance are often told they’re loony because it hasn’t happened, isn’t happening, and won’t happen. We’re very good at convincing ourselves that bad things happen to other people. Justina was not the first person, nor will she be the last. She is the most visible person, for now so it is her story that I am telling.

Pelletier Justina, Linda and Lou Pelletier (photo via A Miracle for Justina)

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About Privilege


This is a reply to a post on the This is Thin Privilege Tumblr.

The O.P. states:

I admit fat oppression is a real thing. But some of your posts I feel are harmful to all women. I don’t know how much control you have over what is posted, but posts that deny the oppression that thin women face as well scare me. I don’t want any woman to ever feel that the sexism that they face is lesser because they are thin So many of your posts are enlightening, and important. But others I fear perpetuate the idea that it is ok to harm thin women. No one should promote internal sexism.

I hope the OP takes some time to learn about privilege.

I used to be one of those white people who shrieked that “not all white people are like that” whenever a non-white person spoke angrily about the treatment of non-white people. I didn’t want to be seen as one of “those” white people. Well, since I’m not one of “those white people,” they weren’t talking about me, and I needed to STFU and listen.

I also believed in “reverse racism.”

Are there non-white people who are prejudiced against white people across the board? Of course there are. But in the U.S. at any rate, and I would venture to say in Western society, there is no such thing as racism against white people.

Prejudice is individual. Racism is institutionalized and socially sanctioned for a myriad of reasons that it would take too long to go into here.

Are all women oppressed in modern society? Of course we are. It does not matter our size or color. We are all oppressed.

Are there people who are prejudiced against thin people? Yes, there are.

However, thin people do not EVER experience the systematic prejudice and flat-out derision that fat people do in this society.

People, learn about privilege. It was hard for me to acknowledge that I had privilege in certain ways, because it’s an awful thing. But I in fact do have privilege. I have white privilege, straight privilege, and North American privilege. This does not mean I will never encounter prejudice, in fact I have encountered prejudice for my skin color. I have been beaten up for it.

What it means is that in Western society, my skin color does not prevent me from getting a job or being able to live where I want to live. When I walk into a store, nobody assumes that I’m going to shoplift. I am not thought of as a lesser being for the color of my skin.

When we have privilege, we need to not derail the conversation and make it about us. We need to stop and listen.

Knock On Wood —

This sort of thing drives me batshit. My company does the same thing. We have to take this survey put out by Aetna every year to discern our “level of health risks.” Every year it puts me in the “high risk” category, and I can tell you, that’s about 100% because of my BMI. I bet if I put in numbers that put my BMI in the Socially Acceptable category but put all kinds of terrible stuff in the other categories, I’d be less likely to “red line.”
I’m not going to divulge the name of my company, as I need my job and it’s a single-site entity. But this sort of thing disgusts the hell out of me.

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One year ago from yesterday, I sounded the alarm on a new “wellness program” at CVS Pharmacy, wherein employees must participate in a “voluntary” health screening where they must disclose their personal health information, including weight and sexual activity, or else face increased insurance premiums. Shortly thereafter, Michelin Tires announced a similar punitive, but “voluntary wellness program.”


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Anti-Bullying: You’re Doing it Wrong

Being bullied for being fat? Well, just lose weight, and you’ll get in with the in crowd, Fatty!
Bullied for being gay? Well, just stop acting so, you know, gay, and you’ll be Mr. or Ms. Popular!
I mean, come on, it’s easy! Sheesh! All you have to do is conform, and you’ll be a-okay!
(Notification of sarcasm, for those lacking a Sarcasm Detector Chip.)

Dances With Fat

WTF Nine year old Grayson Bryce was being bullied for carrying a My Little Pony back pack.  He told his mom, she told the school counselor.  The school says “we take any allegations of bullying seriously and work diligently in all cases to resolve the issues in the best interest of students. We have programs in place to prevent, report and intervene to keep our students safe and protected.”  So what did the counselor do to intervene and keep Grayson safe and protected?  She told his mom that he should hide his back pack.

According to Grayson’s mom “She said that if you have something like this you’re asking for trouble.”  Later that day the principal called and said that Grayson had to leave the backpack at home.

Most of the fat people I know, including me, have had a similar experience – we’ve pointed out bullying that occurs because of…

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Power, Privilege, and Fatness: Why thin shaming isn’t on the level of fat shaming

Very well said. People in privileged groups (thin, straight, white, male, cis, able-bodied, neuro-normative) can and do encounter prejudice and dickishness. What people in privileged groups do not encounter is socially sanctioned oppression on a daily basis.
Do I as a straight, white, cis person squirm a bit when a gay, black, trans person points out with justified anger what assholes straight, white, cis people are? Absolutely.
Is whining that they’re being prejudiced because “not all straight, white, cis people are like that” the answer?
Absolutely not.
Joseph is a thin-ish ally who is doing it right.

The Fat Word

Greetings, fellow naturally thin-ish people.

I’d say “thin people,” but most of us are a few years past the point that the angles on our face were perfect no matter what we ate, or our asses could stop traffic. If not? We soon will be. But I’m speaking, here, to the non-fat. The wee. The svelte. The thin. The fast-metabolismed. The genetic lottery winners.

You know who you are. We don’t count calories, we can spend entire days without thinking about our body sizes, and while we may feel like shit about how we look, we certainly aren’t told that it’s all our fault.That’swhoweare. If not? Quietly leave. I’m not talking to you.

Are they gone?


So hello, thinnish people.

I have some distressing news for all of us, and it comes straight from the fat horse’s mouth:

We don’t get to talk about thin shaming like…

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Congress on Obesity: Ego Over Accessibility

I went on Twitter and told them this:
Your ableism is showing. It’s not a good look.
If you’re on Twitter, feel free to follow me (and my team) @UndeadNether
It’s mostly links to creative writing, but there are also feminist, body positive, and pro-environment posts as well as just plain fun stuff.

Dances With Fat

Congress for Obesity Angela Meadows from Never Diet Again UK posted this picture to the Rolls not Trolls community on Facebook.  In case you can’t read it, it says “Dear Guests In conjunction with the 12th International Congress of Obesity the escalators will not be operational from 09:30 to 16:00 hrs.”

This is posted in the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. The ICO website boasts that Malaysia offers “world-class infrastructure and easy accessibility.” That may be true for Malaysia, but thanks to the ICO we can’t say the same thing about the second floor of the Kuala Lampur Convention Centre.

There is good research that shows that movement can contribute to health (though there are no guarantees and no obligations).  There is absolutely no research that says that the movement has to be stairs.

I’ve already ranted about self-important blowhards who feel the need to suggest that fat people shouldn’t have access…

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Gwen Stefani’s Chubby Picture

Trouble is, I don’t think Gwen meant “chunky” in a neutral way, I think she meant it in a self-deprecating way. She seems to have body dysmorphic disorder, or at any rate, a troubled relationship with food. Sad thing is, a lot of girls will follow in her footsteps, because they don’t want to be “chunky” either.
I love Gwen’s work with No Doubt, but as far as a positive role model for young women, I prefer Beth Ditto, who is accepting of her plus size body, or Pink, who is slender but sends out bold feminist messages of self-acceptance in songs such as Pretty Please (You’re f***ing Perfect). Otep is another positive role model for self-acceptance.

Dances With Fat

Gwen Stefani Chunky Picture Gwen Stefani tweeted a picture of herself from about 30 years ago getting an autograph from Sting, commenting “Chunky Me 1983…”  Then the internet exploded with comments like “Please don’t call yourself chunky. Too many girls and women look up to you for you to talk like that.” and “Come on Gwen chunky? Really?!!! Not cool-to many girls look up to you for you to call that a “chunky” pic!”

So I’m wondering, what about chunky girls who look up to Gwen Stefani?  If Gwen calling herself chunky is so absolutely horrific, what are those chunky girls supposed to think about themselves.

I sincerely hope that Gwen was using chunky as a neutral descriptor, in the same way that many of use use the world fat, but that may not be true.   I’m not interested in trying to be a psychic (I’ll leave that to the people who think that…

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