My Body Belongs To Me: A Children’s Book

Ms. Starishevsky wrote and self-published this book in 2009 but it has most recently been picked up by a traditional publisher. As we approach April which is Child Abuse Prevention Month, she is available for blog interviews. Her topic is “10 Tips on How Parents and Educators Can Recognize and Prevent Child Sexual Abuse“.

In her own words:

My hope is to increase the number of schools that are teaching this important information to children ages 3-8.

Click on the image above to visit her Facebook page about the book and send her a comment if you are interested in learning more, buying books now before it goes traditional, and/or to set up a blog interview about this important topic.

2 thoughts on “My Body Belongs To Me: A Children’s Book

  1. It is important that children learn that their bodies belong to them and they have the right to say (and even shout) NO to anyone who tries to force or coerce them into doing anything they wanted to do. My first sexual experiences were far from positive. I was molested at a very young age by a male relative. I have no clear memories of the incident, in fact, I repressed it for years. I started to remember after I had my son.
    I was taught to be a good and obedient little lady, so my first conscious sexual memories are also not good. A blind date forced his fingers inside me. I didn’t feel like I had the right to say no. The bastard later had the audacity to spread the rumor that he had gotten me pregnant, as revenge for the fact that I refused to go out with him again.
    I’ve always had dudebros demanding to know why I have so many hangups about sex. I don’t know, maybe because assholes like them made it unpleasant for me?

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