I’m Allowed To Be Angry

Yes, we do have a right to be angry. Myself, I have no problem with men as individuals. I have a son, and I certainly would not want to project the idea that I hate men wholesale and across the board. However, I despise the patriarchy, and I have zero tolerance for dudebros and other misogynists. My son understands this, and is in agreement. Depending on whether one believes that men can be feminists or not, my son is either a feminist or a feminist ally.
Also, I get tired of tone policing, and it does not matter the gender of the person doing the tone policing. I am tired of people telling me to sit down, fold my hands in my lap, and be a sweet, well-behaved lady while I am being told that I am inferior because I have ovaries rather than testicles, that I am less than human because I do not fit the narrow perimeters used to define beauty, and that I am “too sensitive” because I get my hackles up when I hear rape jokes.
Happy international women’s day (March 8) to all the ladies.

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Trigger warning: Brief mention of rape in reference to misogyny

This post was inspired by two things this week. The first was a feminist post which was shared by a Facebook page I follow which had an image with the words “I’m a feminist and NO I don’tYes and No hate men.” The second thing was a post by atchka, “World’s Tinist Violin —,” and the reaction that it got on reddit.

As to the first. I’m a feminist. This shouldn’t really surprise anyone who reads my posts regularly. However, I’m not overly fond of men in general. Unfortunately, I’ve been in a position my entire life of being abused by men. I’ve been physically abused, I’ve been sexually abused, and I’ve been emotionally/psychologically abused. Eventually, a distrust of your abuser and your oppressor becomes a learned response. In other words, you become wary of men, not intentionally, but…

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