Gwen Stefani’s Chubby Picture

Trouble is, I don’t think Gwen meant “chunky” in a neutral way, I think she meant it in a self-deprecating way. She seems to have body dysmorphic disorder, or at any rate, a troubled relationship with food. Sad thing is, a lot of girls will follow in her footsteps, because they don’t want to be “chunky” either.
I love Gwen’s work with No Doubt, but as far as a positive role model for young women, I prefer Beth Ditto, who is accepting of her plus size body, or Pink, who is slender but sends out bold feminist messages of self-acceptance in songs such as Pretty Please (You’re f***ing Perfect). Otep is another positive role model for self-acceptance.

Dances With Fat

Gwen Stefani Chunky Picture Gwen Stefani tweeted a picture of herself from about 30 years ago getting an autograph from Sting, commenting “Chunky Me 1983…”  Then the internet exploded with comments like “Please don’t call yourself chunky. Too many girls and women look up to you for you to talk like that.” and “Come on Gwen chunky? Really?!!! Not cool-to many girls look up to you for you to call that a “chunky” pic!”

So I’m wondering, what about chunky girls who look up to Gwen Stefani?  If Gwen calling herself chunky is so absolutely horrific, what are those chunky girls supposed to think about themselves.

I sincerely hope that Gwen was using chunky as a neutral descriptor, in the same way that many of use use the world fat, but that may not be true.   I’m not interested in trying to be a psychic (I’ll leave that to the people who think that…

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