Power, Privilege, and Fatness: Why thin shaming isn’t on the level of fat shaming

Very well said. People in privileged groups (thin, straight, white, male, cis, able-bodied, neuro-normative) can and do encounter prejudice and dickishness. What people in privileged groups do not encounter is socially sanctioned oppression on a daily basis.
Do I as a straight, white, cis person squirm a bit when a gay, black, trans person points out with justified anger what assholes straight, white, cis people are? Absolutely.
Is whining that they’re being prejudiced because “not all straight, white, cis people are like that” the answer?
Absolutely not.
Joseph is a thin-ish ally who is doing it right.

The Fat Word

Greetings, fellow naturally thin-ish people.

I’d say “thin people,” but most of us are a few years past the point that the angles on our face were perfect no matter what we ate, or our asses could stop traffic. If not? We soon will be. But I’m speaking, here, to the non-fat. The wee. The svelte. The thin. The fast-metabolismed. The genetic lottery winners.

You know who you are. We don’t count calories, we can spend entire days without thinking about our body sizes, and while we may feel like shit about how we look, we certainly aren’t told that it’s all our fault.That’swhoweare. If not? Quietly leave. I’m not talking to you.

Are they gone?


So hello, thinnish people.

I have some distressing news for all of us, and it comes straight from the fat horse’s mouth:

We don’t get to talk about thin shaming like…

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