Anti-Bullying: You’re Doing it Wrong

Being bullied for being fat? Well, just lose weight, and you’ll get in with the in crowd, Fatty!
Bullied for being gay? Well, just stop acting so, you know, gay, and you’ll be Mr. or Ms. Popular!
I mean, come on, it’s easy! Sheesh! All you have to do is conform, and you’ll be a-okay!
(Notification of sarcasm, for those lacking a Sarcasm Detector Chip.)

Dances With Fat

WTF Nine year old Grayson Bryce was being bullied for carrying a My Little Pony back pack.  He told his mom, she told the school counselor.  The school says “we take any allegations of bullying seriously and work diligently in all cases to resolve the issues in the best interest of students. We have programs in place to prevent, report and intervene to keep our students safe and protected.”  So what did the counselor do to intervene and keep Grayson safe and protected?  She told his mom that he should hide his back pack.

According to Grayson’s mom “She said that if you have something like this you’re asking for trouble.”  Later that day the principal called and said that Grayson had to leave the backpack at home.

Most of the fat people I know, including me, have had a similar experience – we’ve pointed out bullying that occurs because of…

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